Designer furniture at a regular price.
Step-by-step instructions for decorating furniture from the mass market.
How to turn furniture from the mass market into an exclusive, expensive piece of furniture?

I will tell you about it at the master class.

The master class consists of 6 lessons, where each step is described in detail - from the selection of materials to the application of the finishing layer.
This master class is definitely for you if:
You do not want an interior "like everyone has"
You dream of trying yourself as a decorator
You want to learn how to combine different interior items
Immediately after the purchase, you will have access to all lessons.

I share my experience and tell all the secrets.

I clearly describe and show every step that anyone can repeat.

What awaits you after the purchase?
Price: 35 euros
Look at the cabinet on the left and right.
It seems that the one on the right costs 5 times more.
But the difference in price is no more than 27 euros - only materials.

After this master class, you will learn how to work with any new furniture. And that opens up limitless possibilities
Master class leader:
Anna Mullakhmetova
Decorator and official partner of Daria Geiler
Creator and leader of the online school AMDecor school
Founder and ideological inspirer of the company "Flower stories"
Since 2016 - the official partner of the brand Daria Geyler
Since 2018 - owner of the workshop
> 600 people completed Anna's original course in her online school
> 120 students have become successful decorators and earn money doing what they love
"Beauty and aesthetics inspire me to create unique interior details"
Price: 35 euros
TIN: 183212674628
PSRN: 312184112400011

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